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    High Hiding Glass Enamel

    來源: 發布時間:2020-11-13

    Features: This product is water-soluble, so you can wash the halftone, tools and equipment directly with water, which is economical and environmental. This tempered glass enamel is mainly used for ultra-thin glass and has a low sintering temperature (about 670℃). The formed enamel layer is very flat, highly bright, compact and has excellent hiding power and high dyne value.

    Colors: White, black, red, frosting and other colors according to the customers’ requirements.

    The lead and cadmium free series meets the RoHS2.0, REACH and Halogen requirements. 

    Scope of application: 1) Ultrasonic, infrared, capacitive or resistive touch screen glass;

    2)Display screen glass or other electronic glass;

    3)Thickness of the glass: 2-6mm.

    Solid content: 75±3%;             Fineness: About 5μm

    Viscosity: 400±100dPa.s/25±3℃ (RION viscometer VT-04F)

    Screen printing conditions: 180-350mesh 

    Expansion coefficient: 6.5-9.5×10ˉ?/℃

    Sintering temperature: Stage I: 180 ℃, 3-8 min;     Stage II: 650-730℃.

    Note: Related to the heating rate and holding time.

    Sintering atmosphere: Neutral or weak oxidizing atmosphere.