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    No Handprint Jade Glass Frosting Powder

    來源: 發布時間:2023-05-11


    1.The frosting powder is acid powder with hydrochloric acid as the medium. 

    2.The frosting processing can be carried out by automatic line horizontal spraying or vertical soaking in the tank.

    II. Features:

    1. The frosting solution is stable, not easy to precipitate, and has good suspension.

    2. Frosting particles are evenly distributed, smooth and delicate, and feel good.

    3. The size of frosting particles can be adjusted according to customers’ needs.

    4. The frosted glass surface has strong graininess, good hand feeling and hazy and beautiful appearance, being soft and transparent.

    5. The frosted surface is uniform. Less fingerprints, simple operation and high yield.

    III. Applications:

    Scope of application: Plate glass, craft glass, architectural glass, decorative glass, furniture glass, bathroom glass, crystal, mirror glass mosaic, silk screen glass, etc.